My customers are happy because...

"The theory is when you know everything but nothing works, the practice is when everything works but no one knows why. Well I combined theory and practice: nothing works and no one knows why, but taste good and everyone loves it." - Pietro the pizza maker :: 1790 ca


right round Mindteck (BG)
right round Mindware (IN)
right round Ministero Finanze :: Guardia di Finanza (IT)
right round Ministero della Difesa (IT)
right round Ministero dell’Interno (IT)
right round Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (IT)
right round Telecom Italia (IT)
right round Albacom Spa (IT)
right round Mediaset Spa (IT)
right round FINSIEL (IT)
right round SOGEI (IT)
right round Sofia Auto AD (BG)
right round Agriverde srl (IT)
right round EST AD (BG)
right round MVR (BG)
right round SSI (BG)
right round SVOBODEN NAROD PP (BG)
right round Agriverde OOD (BG)
right round Risaliente OOD (BG)
right round Palestinian Authority (QA)
right round Qatar Investment Authority (QA)
right round Libyan Arabic Financial Company (LY)

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